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Today, we apply that expertise to serve customers and communities in 70 countries/regions. 

Kendah Group of Companies

About the company

Kendah group is a conglomerate of manufacturing companies using common and general raw materials. Our expected market products are oil refinery (liquid and solid fats), animal feeds, animal feed raw materials, animal feed premixes, bottled water, packaging, energy and petroleum. The group prides itself in highly standardized and certified operations and processes that assure quality products.

Our raw materials undergo a rigorous lab testing process to ensure that we get the best produce, quality and products. We process and maximize the complete use of soya bean, canola, ground nuts, sunflower seeds and palm seeds. By maximizing seed processing, we get healthy oils and fats, low fat and high-fat cakes for animal feeds  production. To achieve these high standards, Kendah has partnered with FAMSUN, a Chinese company that will supply equipment and manufacturing technology geared to achieve European standards.

Kendah Group of Companies

A rare gift

Kendah has constantly strived to be different and unique. Kendah’s uniqueness comes from its profile – a company promoting healthy living and committed to eco-friendly sustainable growth by producing organic products devoid of chemicals or additives. Through its organic friendly architecture and principles of sustenance, we aim to positively impact our customers and society and grow inclusively and sustainably. Our gift to our society and customers is affordable, quality and healthy products with long-shelf life.

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